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7zX (Compress / Decompress 7zX Archives)

ACP Suite (Ultimate OS X Power Toys Array)
Adium (Universal Instant Messaging App based on Pidgin)
AP Grapher (Searches and Displays Wireless Networks)

AppFresh (Keeps Third Party / Apple Apps Up-To-Date)
AppZapper (Drag and Drop Uninstall Applications)
ASCII Projecktor (View Live or Recorded Video in ASCII)
Battery Health (Maintain Your Battery)
Bean (Simple Word Processor)
Bonjour Browser (Browse Local Bonjour Services)
Butler (Quickly Run Recurring Tasks)
BwanaDik (Monitor Networks from the Menu Bar)
ByteController (iTunes Controller from the Menu Bar)
Caffeine (Control your Mac’s Sleep Schedule)
CamTwist (Add Effects to Live Video)
Carbon Copy Cloner (Clones your Entire Mac Hard Drive)
Celtx (Distributed Play or Movie Script Builder)
ClamXav (Open Source Virus Checker)
coconutBattery (View and Track Battery Info)
Colloquy (IRC Client)
Cyberduck (FTP / SFTP Client)
DasBoot (Make your iPod an OS X Toolkit)
DeskLickr (Changes your Desktop with Flickr Images)
Disk Inventory X (Disk Usage Utility)
ffmpegX (Convert Video to/frome Any Format)
FlickrGet (Gets Photos from Flickr)
FreeDMG (Drag and Drop Disk Imaging)
HamachiX (Free VPN Client)
HandBrake (DVD to MP4)/li>
HyperDither (Converts Images)
iAlertU (Alarm System for OS X)
Iconverter (Icon Extraction and Conversionl)
iGTD (Getting Things Done / Personal Organizer)
iPSP (PSP Management on OS X)
iShowU (Extreme Screencasting Tool)
iStat Menus (System Monitoring from the Menu Bar)
iStumbler (Wireless AP Discovery Tool)
Jarlnspector (.JAR Explorer)
JES Deinterlacer (Deinterlacer for Videos)
JollysFastVNC (Fast VNC Client)
Journler (Digital Journal)
Jumpcut (Clipboard Extender)
KoolClip (Item Locking, Instant Google)
Levelator (Adjusts Audio Levels in Podcasts)
Librarian Pro (Personal Inventory System)
LineIn (Enable Soft Playthru of Audio)
LiquidMac (Motion Sensor Liquid Fun)
Mac Pilot (Enable Hidden Features in OS X)
MacSaber (Motion Sensor Lightsaber)
MainMenu (Menu Bar Task Manager)
Max (Control CD Audio Extraction)
MediaRECOVER (Recover Deleted Files from USB)
MenuMeters (Computer Monitoring Tools)
MetaX (Metadata Tagger for MP4s)
Money (Finance Manager)
Monolingual (Removes Unnecessary Languages from Mac OS X)
MPEG Streamclip (High Quality MPEG Converter)
NeoOffice (Free Office Suite)
OnyX (OS X Tweaker)
OpenPList (”Edit” plist Files)
Operation (Project Management)
Perian (Enhance QuickTime Playback Range)(
PrintFinder (Print “Finder” Folder List)
QuickSilver (Quick Application / File Launcher)
Quinn (”Extreme Tetris” Game)
Relationship (Customer Relationship Management)
Resize ‘Em All (Quick Image Resizing Application)
Rulers (On-Screen Rulers)
Senuti (Transfer from iPod to Mac)
Service Scrubber (Restructure the Service Menu)
Simple Comic (Comic Viewer)
Skitch (Simple Screen Shot Sharing Utility)
Sleep Display (Puts Your Screen to Sleep)
SlingPlayer (Mac Player for SlingBox)
smcFanControl (Control the Speed of MacBook Fans)
Smultron (Free XML Editor)
Stomp (Video Re-compressor)
Stuffit (The Classic Archive Manager)
SuperDuper! (Clone Mac Drive / Backup Utility)
Teleport (Virtual KVM for Macs)
TextWrangler (Yet Another Cool Text Editor)
The Unarchiver (Ultimate Archive Un-doer)
ThumbsUp (Thumbnail Creation Tool)
TinkerTool (System Tweaker)
Roxio Toast (Burn CDs and DVDs)
Transmission (Simple Torrent Application)
Turbo.264 (H.264 Video Converter)
TVShows (Track Torrents of TV Shows)
Undercover (Anti-theft Software)
UnRarX (Unarchive RAR Files)
Vine Server (VNC Server for Tiger)
VisualHub (Easy Batch Video Converter)
VLC (The Ultimate Media Player)
VMware Fusion (Virtual Machine Software)
Wallsaver (Set a Screen Saver as the Wallpaper)
WaterRoof (OS X Firewall Config Tool)
WinClone (Clone BootCamp Partitions)
Witch (Better Than Command+Tab)
xPad (Slightly More Advanced Text Editor)
You Control (Puts all of your info into one spot on your Mac)

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